Supporting Native students has never been more vital

Not surprisingly, the COVID-19 pandemic has created increasingly challenging situations for Native scholars as they pursue a college degree. One in five students now reports fear of being forced to drop out of school.   

We already know Native scholars are poised for success, and now more than ever, we need to provide the tools they need to get there. By providing financial support for tuition, a laptop, or rent, your donation will help Native scholars overcome barriers so they can stay in school – and focus on the goals they are determined to achieve.

I have a lot of worries, but none are for myself. I worry about my family in Montana that live in a rural area and their access to food, water, and hygiene items. I worry for my baby nephew who needs formula. I worry for the elders who rely on food delivery systems. I worry for anyone who cannot afford to pay their rent, monthly bills, or basic necessities.