42% of Native Americans are 24 years old or younger

Thanks to the support of Circle of Strength members, we raised nearly $1 million in support of Native students last year, and with your help, we can raise even more! As a monthly donor, you'll enjoy the convenience of your recurring gifts AND increase the power of your giving, making a lasting impact on the lives of the Native scholars you support. As a Circle of Strength monthly donor, you will help Native scholars achieve their dreams of obtaining college degrees.

Wonder just how far your monthly contributions can go?

  • $163.08/month covers average scholarship
  • $88.5/month covers the cost of one month's rent
  • $62.75/month buys food for a month
  • $31.41/month pays for a single college course

“I see the struggles of my people daily, which makes me even more determined to be the first in my family to earn a college degree. Thankfully, because of your donation to the College Fund, Indigenous students like me are better equipped to experience a brighter future.”


(United Houma Nation)